Bilingual Books for Children

Introducing David & Sophie!

Embark on an extraordinary journey with our captivating collection of bilingual children’s adventure books, where imagination knows no bounds and discovery awaits on every page. Meet David and Sophie, two young adventurers who lead readers on thrilling escapades that transcend language barriers and open doors to the world’s wonders.

From the mesmerizing depths of the enchanted forest to the heart-pounding quests for hidden treasures, each story is a gateway to cultural exploration, critical thinking, and the joy of learning. With rich narratives that seamlessly weave together English and another language of your choice – Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, or German – these books are designed to spark curiosity, inspire a love for language, and nurture young minds.

Meet David

Meet David, the inquisitive and fearless protagonist of “David Goes on a Safari Adventure”, “David and the Secret Treasure Map”, and “David and the Mystery of the Missing Artifacts.” He embraces challenges with wit and courage, unraveling mysteries and creating cherished memories.

Age 3-5

Embark on an exciting journey with “David Goes on a Safari Adventure,” a heartwarming story designed for children aged 3 to 5. As we follow the adventures of David and his family in a safari park, young readers will not only be introduced to a diverse range of animals but also learn fascinating facts about them – from the long necks of giraffes to the clever tails of monkeys, and the stealthy stripes of zebras. Alongside this vibrant voyage of discovery, the story instills a deep respect for wildlife and nature, subtly teaching children about the importance of preserving our planet’s stunning biodiversity.

As the characters encounter lions, elephants, and hippos among others, children will have the opportunity to enrich their vocabulary and comprehension skills, both in English and Spanish, making this story an engaging language-learning resource.

Age 6-8

Prepare for an extraordinary quest with “David and the Secret Treasure Map,” a captivating story written for young adventurers aged 6 to 8. Join David, his sister Sophie, and his best friend Thomas as they embark on an exciting treasure hunt, using teamwork , problem-solving, and sheer determination to overcome various challenges that stand in their way.

This enthralling journey leads the trio through an enchanting forest, across a rushing river, and deep into a mysterious cave, each step filled with riddles to solve and obstacles to overcome. Along their adventure, children will learn about cardinal directions, natural habitats, and problem-solving, broadening their knowledge base while providing an engaging reading experience.

Age 9-12

“David and the Mystery of the Missing Artifacts” is an engaging mystery novel that takes young readers aged 9-12 on a thrilling journey filled with suspense and intrigue. The story follows David, his sister Sophie, and his best friend Thomas as they transform into budding detectives, unraveling the puzzling case of stolen artifacts at a local history museum.

In this captivating narrative, David and his friends embark on their field trip with an eagerness to learn about ancient civilizations. However, the discovery of missing artifacts turns their educational trip into a real-life detective mission. Their exploration becomes a lesson in patience, attention to detail, and logical reasoning as they interview museum staff, decode intricate riddles, and uncover hidden chambers filled with historical relics.

Meet Sophie

Meet Sophie, David’s sister and the enchanting central figure in “Sophie’s Big Day Out”, “Sophie and the Enchanted Forest”, and “Sophie and the Lost City.” Her vibrant imagination and appreciation for different cultures lead her on heartwarming journeys of discovery and friendship.

Age 3-5

Step into an exciting city adventure with “Sophie's Big Day Out,” a delightful story crafted for children aged 3 to 5. Join Sophie and her family as they explore the bustling city, visiting a variety of locations including a lively park, a vibrant farmer's market, an enlightening museum, a cozy café, a fascinating library, an exciting Ferris wheel, and a tranquil park. Along this urban journey, young readers will learn about friendship, kindness, and cultural diversity.

The story is filled with exciting experiences and new discoveries, from flying kites with newfound friends, to sampling new dishes and learning about the joy of city transportation. Sophie's Big Day Out provides educational value by introducing children to various city locations and their functions, fostering curiosity and understanding of the world around them.

Age 6-8

Embark on a journey of magic and imagination with “Sophie and the Enchanted Forest,” a delightful tale designed for young dreamers aged 6 to 8. Follow Sophie, her brother David, and best friend Isabelle as they uncover a hidden world filled with magical creatures and captivating adventures, right within their neighborhood forest.

This story is a journey into a mystical realm where a talking fox needs help, goblins learn lessons about kindness, and a dragon guards treasure. Sophie and her friends rise to every challenge, using their creativity and imagination to solve riddles and negotiate with goblin kings.

Age 9-12

“Sophie and the Lost City” is a riveting adventure novel that follows the audacious Sophie, her diligent brother David, and the resourceful Isabelle on a journey to unearth a mysterious lost city. This book, tailored for the 9-12 age group, ingeniously interweaves elements of adventure, mystery, and cultural awareness.

In this absorbing narrative, Sophie and her friends embark on a journey driven by curiosity and the enchanting stories narrated by Sophie’s archaeologist grandfather. Their expedition is an epitome of perseverance and bravery as they navigate through thick forests, treacherous terrains, and harsh weather conditions to fulfill their quest.

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